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ON HOLD Programs done right...Right On Time

ON HOLD Programs done right...Right On Point

ON HOLD Programs done right...Right On Budget

ON HOLD program vendors do not understand urgency.
We Do!

ON HOLD programs are only as good as the script that they use.
This is where we really shine.

ON HOLD programs are an investment, not an expense.
Spectrum System by Remac has programs to fit any budget.

They do not understand that your customers and new prospects are calling RIGHT NOW! And what is the experience that caller is having…and what will they do in response? Hang on and be bored or annoyed, hang up in frustration … or be eagerly listening to your company introduction as it dazzles them with an engaging experience of information and actionable choices.

You can have your new professional Spectrum ON HOLD phone program fully live in as few as 3-5 business days! Up and running and ready to produce happy customers waiting for you to serve them and new prospects who are cleverly introduced to all your company's best ideas.

Simply, others promise ... We Deliver, so you can.

Sure we have a huge selection of voice talents, background music and even special effects. But, the real power of the ON HOLD systems is our unique was of keenly distilling all the key elements of your business model ... your Brand ... into a friendly, easy paced and engaging conversation. And, all this with outstanding content. Our copywriters have created content for programs like AT&T, U.S Army, and yes even the "Mom & Pop" shops.
In today’s connected world any presentation better be interesting, or it will soon be abandoned. Please listen to our samples and I bet you there will be a moment where you will want to call that business even though you may not even need the product or service. Now that is what interesting is all about.

Any business today will profit from a professional ON HOLD phone program. Yes, did you hear that … profit. Those callers, who are calling you right now are either customers needing some information or new order, or a prospective customer trying to decide whether to do business with you. Wake up Mr. and Ms. Businessman; NOBODY want to call and get a menu…NOBODY. They may endure it; but are never engaged with your brand at one of the most crucial moments … The First Impression!.
We have programs to fit any budget; and we always deliver more value than you pay for. And when you consider the new business and repeat business you will generate from the ON HOLD program; our best in class programs are truly a bargain.
Plus, you are not locked into any of our standard system designs if you choose. Our team of voice talents and programmers can customize a system just for you to meet both current and future business needs. And, you are not locked into a service level … upgrade at any time. Why not? You are making money all the time!

Callers hate poor ON HOLD Systems … here is the proof!


79% of callers want to hear something other than beeps or silence on hold. Does that sound your system? Yikes!


73% of callers will not do business with a company again if their first call is not handled satisfactorily. Is your system causing this problem? Oh No … what have we done with our phone calls? Ouch!


40% of callers are dissatisfied with the way their calls are handled by businesses. Business Suicide. Bang!

This is the average
ON HOLD Experience

You and I both know that the generic ON HOLD experience never leads to any better customer or prospect results. When the person calls; all they get is a laundry list of people and extensions… not information and product engagement options.

They came to buy and you blew it!

This is your new
ON HOLD Experience

From the moment the caller first hears your new professional ON HOLD program to the time a representative answers they are both informed and engaged in meaningful ways that prepare them for sales.

They came to buy and you sold them!

You are always open for callers with your new after hours Spectrum ON HOLD system.

24/7 … 365 … come rain or shine… or anything! This mighty communication partner is always perfectly prepared and poised to serve regardless of the caller, time or event. Our copywriters and voice artists will craft this message to fully inform and engage the caller in any services available. Perhaps there is an off hours emergency number, or maybe the caller could make a request on your web page with email or a text message. Anything and literally everything that will be needed is considered. All for the sole purpose of being considerate to the caller whose schedule just did not match yours. But then again, they are reason you are in business so you better be considerate or they will likely not buy or buy again.

And let’s not forget about you’r business voicemail;
it’s more important than you think

Your new Spectrum ON HOLD system has a special option for a business voicemails. Spectrum can provide a menu driven format that breaks out the company into its component departments … Sales, Service, Shipping, etc. Then, we will craft a submenu to allow for the caller to leave a voice mail for any specific person in that department or a general message for the department. But, in all cases, the caller is being given simple choices in logical steps. And unique to Spectrum, we do not miss this always ignored option to upsell the company brand. For instance, check out this recording of a sample company voicemail menu and see how you would feel.

Did you listen to our version of business voicemail. If yes, what did you think … very interesting, helpful and simple. Like we said before; ON HOLD Programs are Done Right by Spectrum. If you didn’t listen; why not? Come on…30 seconds and you’re done

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